Kids Dentistry

13. 01. 18
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From experience with our clients, most parents believe its time for their kids’ first dental visit around age 3-4, however, earlier has proven to be better. At Rainbow Dental we recommend bringing your child to the office around the age of 1, or around 6 months after the first tooth is visible. A child’s primary teeth begin to grow at 6 months of age, and it is important to begin healthy dental habits early. If you are able to establish visits to the dentist regularly and teach proper dental habits, your child is less likely to have dental problems like tooth decay as they get older. This will also help your child develop comfort in going to the dentist, so that they do not develop dental fears or anxiety if faced with their first experience at the dentist later on. Schedule an appointment with our kid friendly dentists in Rainbow Dental at and let us help give them the dental care they need.